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Nashville Bowling


Nashville Bowling Spring 2021

Where: Donelson Strike & Spare

Dates: Thursdays 1/21/2021 - 3/11/2021

Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm


Captain Registration: $60 online through the link above

Captain Registration covers the cost of the captain's first 4 weeks of bowling with 2 games per week. This also includes the cost of 4 "HotMess Bowling" Team T-shirts. After their 4th week captains can pay at the door with either credit/debit cards, cash, or Venmo. 


Teammate Registration: $15 at the door

*Please register through the link above before playing your 1st week*

- Includes 2 games per week

- Credit/Debit Cards, Cash, or Venmo  accepted at the door


Free Agent

Registration: $15 at the door 

*Please register through the link above before playing your 1st week*

-Includes 2 games per week

- Credit/Debit Cards, Cash, or Venmo  accepted at the door


Weekly Schedule:

Week 1 - 1/21/21 Opening Week!

Week 2 - 1/28/21

Week 3 - 2/4/21 

Week 4 - 2/11/21 

Week 5 - 2/18/21 

Week 6 - 2/24/21

Week 7 - 3/4/21 

Week 8 - 3/11/21


Mini Games:

1. Strike Pot - Each Week there will be a raffle costing $1 per ticket. We will choose someone each week from the raffle with 1 chance to roll a strike. If they roll a strike, they get the pot!

*If they do not roll a strike the pot moves on to the next week where someone else will have the chance to win*

2. Team of the Week - The first team to roll 3 strikes back to back each week will win a round of beers for their team.

3. Bowler of the week - Each week one player will be drawn at random for a free game.



- Wear a mask unless eating or drinking in your team lane!

- 4 players per team bowl each game

- Subs are allowed if you need to find a replacement one week

- Subs will just need to pay the $15 at the door like everyone else

- Total score is added up each week

- Team with the highest score at the end of the season wins