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In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Nashville Metropolitan Government, and the State of Tennessee, HotMess Sports has established the subsequent policies and guidelines to be followed during participation in any HotMess Sports league or event. These policies and guidelines may be updated to reflect changing circumstances and government guidelines prior to league play or even during league play.

If any person chooses not to abide by the following policies and guidelines, they will not be allowed to participate, and will be asked to leave. They will also be subject to removal from any/all HotMess Sports leagues as stated in the HotMess Sports Code of Conduct.


Assumption of Risk

Before participating in any HotMess Sports league, players will be required to sign the updated HotMess Sports Covid-19 waiver included in the registration process on our website. As stated in the waiver, “Participants acknowledge the contagious nature of COVID-19 and voluntarily assume all risk that I and my family, guests, and invitees may be exposed to or infected by COVID-19 by participating in or spectating at any HotMess Sports league, activities, and/or other events hosted by HotMess, and that such exposure or infection may result in personal injury, illness, permanent disability, and death.”


Requirements for Participation

  • It is recommended that seniors/individuals with compromised immune systems not participate in HotMess Sports leagues, activities, or other events at this time.

  • It is recommended that no shaking of hands, hugging, or close contact take place with other players/observers/attendees.

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer upon entrance, during participation, and as you leave

  • Avoid touching your face including eyes, nose, and mouth

  • Self-screen before arriving to an event for any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible Covid-19:

    • Cough

    • Shortness of Breath or Difficulty Breathing

    • Chills

    • Repeating shaking with chills

    • Muscle Pain

    • Headache

    • Sore Throat

    • Loss of smell or taste

    • Diarrhea

    • Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit 

    • Known close contact with a person who is confirmed to have Covid-19


Additional Requirements

Hygiene/Hand Washing/Touching Face/Laundering:

  • Players should practice proper hygiene, wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol), and cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue and throw tissue in the trash. Clothes should be laundered after all workouts. Refrain from spitting.

  • Water Bottles: Athletes should bring their own water bottles to all team activities to help reduce transmission risk. Individuals should take their own water bottles home for cleaning.

  • No Handshake/Celebrations: Players, Captains, team moms, and all others should refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, and any other action that otherwise would lead to contact. 


Face Mask Procedures and Expectations


Removal of Face Mask is only acceptable when:

  1. The sport allows for a player to maintain social distancing while playing. This will vary by sport and position being played in each sport.

  2. A player is overheating and needs to breathe. Players are expected to practice social distancing to the best of their ability. *If this is the case a stoppage of play must occur so that the player can properly social distance while removing the face mask, or a player may substitute out.

  3. If a player is injured during game play and needs to remove their mask.

  4. If player needs to wipe sweat from their face/mouth

  5. When hydrating



Covid Diagnosis Within the League

  • If a player is diagnosed with Covid-19 during league season, the expectation is the player will notify their teammates as well as league leadership. To stem the spread of infections, the organization must be made aware. Failure to do so can result in an outbreak and a longer league shutdown.

  • If a player is diagnosed, the player is mandated to remove themselves from play until they have two negative test results from the virus and have followed self quarantine guidelines as described by the CDC.

  • All parties that may have come in contact with a diagnosed player are recommended to take precautionary steps to ensure the safety of themselves and those around them.

Prior to the Season

  1. HotMess Sports leadership will walk through all procedures and policies to ensure best practices. This will include cleaning equipment (when necessary), setting up equipment, organizing first aid, and placing signage (if necessary).

  2. Team Captains will walk through all procedures and policies with HotMess Sports leadership to ensure their understanding of the requirements.

  3. All players will receive the same information, but captains will be asked to help guide their teams through the information. Everyone needs to work together to stay safe.


Arriving to the Park/Facility for Play

  1. It is requested that players stretch/warm up on their own at home before arriving to the field. If stretching/warming up at the field, please maintain social distancing procedures while doing so. 

  2. Players are asked to arrive no more than 10 minutes before their matches.

  3. Players are asked not to enter the game facility until the previous games are completed.

  4. Players will be notified by HotMess Sports leadership of the facility entrances and exits for the league if applicable. 

    1. If entrance and exit procedures are in place, we request all players to follow these procedures to reduce overlap in the park/facility and prevent as much traffic through commonly traveled areas as possible.

    2. If there is a location with only one entrance and exit, HotMess leadership will work with players to reduce social contact. 

  5. Always practice social distancing when possible.



Gameplay will resume as normal with minor adjustments made:

  1. Number of Rostered Players

    • Team sizes may be reduced depending on safety concerns for each individual sport.

  2. Referees/Umpires

    • Referees/Umpires will be in a stricter zero tolerance policy for arguments and fights. 

    • We expect all players to be respectful of referees/umpires and the HotMess Sports Code of Conduct

    • Time outs are allowed, but players are asked to maintain social distancing while they discuss.

  3. Game Time

    • Time of play may be slightly reduced to allow ample time to move players safely on and off the field.


After Gameplay

  • After Game Meetings: Once games are finished, players will be instructed to leave the park. Any after game meetings must take place outside of permitted areas.

  • Personal Equipment: All personal sports equipment must be labeled with the player's name and removed from the venue after the player leaves.



If a player is injured on the field, a face mask is recommended to wear while assisting the injured player.


As always, only players who have registered to play and are on a team roster will be allowed to play. Team captains/Team Moms are required to submit the players that will be playing through the SportsEngine app the day before games. This roster will be used to check players before games start.  If for any reason a player is unable to return to the league, this player may be permanently replaced with a full time registered player who will join the roster. This new player will have to register for the league and sign all waivers and documentation.


Season Ending Early

If a season ends early due to Covid-19, government restrictions, or some other Covid-19 related reason, players will receive reimbursement in the following way: 

No games played: Full refund

1-2 Weeks played: 2/3 refund

3-4 Weeks played: ½ Refund

Week 5 and After: No refund


Sports Specific


  1. All players must wear a mask or face covering while on the sideline.

  2. Fielding players must wear a mask or face covering while going to their fielding position. Once in their fielding position they may remove their mask for play.

  3. Players must wear a mask or face covering when returning from fielding to the sideline.

  4. The kicker and base runners are not required to wear a mask but it is recommended they carry one with them. 

  5. The dugout can be used to store personal belongings during the game, but the entire team cannot use the dugout during the game. In place of the dugout players are asked to line up along the fence maintaining 6 ft. apart



  1. All players must wear a mask or face covering while on the sideline.

  2. All players must wear a mask during a timeout or break in between matches.

  3. Teams will set up their sideline/camp directly behind the serving line in the grass area.

  4. When switching sides all players will walk around the right side of the net so there is no overlap.

  5. Players are asked to bring their own hand sanitizer to apply before game play.


  1. We request players wear a mask in any instance when social distancing is not able to be maintained

  2. When entering and exiting the tennis courts leave at least 6 feet of space between people.

  3. Refrain from post match high fives or handshakes.