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Louisville Dodgeball

The Registration "Louisville Dodgeball" is not currently available.

Louisville Dodgeball Winter/Spring 2022


Where: Mike Eimers Training Facility

Registration Closes: Friday January 7th at Noon

Starts: Sunday January 23rd

Time: 2:30pm - 4:30pm

Teams: 6 play at a time

                 8 players minimum per roster

Cost: $49.95 (+ tax & processing) 


- Register by January 7th to get a team T-Shirt

- Dodgeball matches are best of 5 games

- 7 weeks of Dodgeball

- Includes end of season party with food!


Common Questions and Answers:

Q - What is late registration?

A - If you sign up late you can still play! The price does not increase it just means we have already placed the shirt order. You will need to find a similar color shirt to your team.

Q - What type of dodgeballs are used?

A - We use inflatable 7" no sting dodgeballs


Q - Will there be a referee?

A - Yes, we have a paid referee to call the games


Q - Do you have to be LGBTQ+ to play?

A - No, but the vast majority of our league is. The intended purpose of the league is to provide a fun and inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community, but everyone is welcome including allies!

Sign up with a team, a group of friends, or as a free agent. 

Everyone is Welcome!!!


Click HERE to view the Dodgeball Rules page



Week 1- 1/23/22 - Opening Day

Week 2 - 1/30/22

Week 3 - 2/6/22

Week 4 - 2/13/22

Week 5 - 2/20/22

Week 6 - 2/27/22

Week 7 - 3/6/22 - Tournament