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Corn Hole Rules

A game is made up of frames wherein each team rotates tossing their team's 4 bags until all bags (8) have been tossed towards the opposite board. At the conclusion of each frame, the score is calculated and added to the team's net total. A winner is determined when a team reaches 21 exactly at the conclusion of a frame.

Start up:

Teams will rock, paper, scissors to see who either starts the game or which side they want to play on.


Each court consists of two boards spaced 27 feet apart front-to-front and two sets of 4 bags. Boards will be measured by the league coordinator prior to the first scheduled game time.


The object is to be the first team to score 21 points exactly. There is no bust rule, if you go over 21 you stay at the same score you were previously at. Points are scored by landing a tossed bag on the board (1 point) and by having a tossed bag drop into the hole (3 points). Once all eight bags have been tossed, players calculate the points scored per team. The team with the higher number of points is awarded the point difference.


After the first frame, the team that scores the most points per frame tosses first in the next frame. If no points are scored, the last team to score points in a frame tosses first.

Violations Resulting in Bag Being Removed from Board:

Bags may be removed from board if the player crosses the foul line before releasing the bag, the bag hits the ground and bounces onto the board, or the bag strikes an object.


The first team to reach 21 points exactly at the end of a frame wins the game. If the results are not determined by the end of the allotted time, final score is recorded as is and the match is over.

Playing Court:

Court area is anywhere behind the front of the board. Teammates stand at opposite boards but must play on the same side.

Foul Line:

The foul line is located at the front of the board. All players must toss from behind the foul line. If a player crosses the foul line on his or her toss, that toss does not count, and they cannot toss that bag again.

Best of 3 games:

Teams will play best of three games. If another team in the league has the same record come tournament time, third games will be calculated into the seeding.

Games are 45 minutes long or best of 3 games to 21. If your team wins 2-0, you do not play the 3rd game. If you get to the 3rd game, the first team to 11 is the winner. If the timer hits 45 minutes during the 3rd game, the team that is ahead gets the win for the 3rd game. 

The winning team will turn in the score after the game. You will write in either 2-0 or 2-1 on the scoresheet.