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Registration:  Late Registration - Open Now! Click the purple bar above! Late registrants are NOT guaranteed to get a team shirt and team requests may not be fulfilled.

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Open Play Event on 6/20 

When: Thursdays at 6:15pm

Where: Fountain Heights Community Center

Registration Closes: Friday, 6/21/24, at noon!

*Any Registration after this is considered late registration.*

Starts: Thursday 7/11/24

Time: 6:15 pm

Teams:  6 play at a time - 8 players on a roster for a full team

Cost: $49.95 (+ tax & processing)

- Register by June 21st to get a team T-Shirt

- Dodgeball matches are best of 5 games.

- Dodgeball rules can be found HERE

Sign up with a team, a group of friends, or as a free agent.  Everyone is Welcome!!!

Email for any other questions!


Free Open Play - 6/20/24  

Week 1- 7/11/24  Opening Day

Week 2 - 7/18/24

Week 3 - 7/25/24

Week 4 - 8/1/24   Spirit Week

Week 5 - 8/8/24

Week 6 - 8/15/24   Tournament


You can sign up as a free agent!  What’s that?
A free agent is typically a person who does not have a team to play with.  This allows you to register and then we will roster you to an already created team.  Many times, we have enough free agents to make a whole team, which allows everyone to meet new people!

What if I have a couple friends, but not enough to make a full team? 
No problem! When you register, type each person’s name you would like to play with in the comments section. We will make sure you are rostered to the same team!

Do I get a team shirt?
Yes! Everyone who registers for this league before the registration deadline will receive a team shirt!

What are the Rules?
Check them out here: HotMess Dodgeball Rules

Is there an end-of-season tournament?
Yes! The last week of play will be an end-of-season tournament. The winning team will be crowned the league champion!

Follow us on Instagram for updates on registrations, events, active and upcoming seasons.



At the end of each night of regular season play, we will host a "Big Game." All registered athletes still present will be split between two teams to play a big match for fun.